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Roz's Cheese Cake (a real hit at the Coffee Morning)

I write my recipes real simple I write them with a pen
They can be understood by children  and even by some men
My cooking is quite hit and miss  every time done  a different way
I do have basic  ingredients and  and with those I normally stay
I add a little bit of this and a little bit of that  which completely changes the flavour
So it is with pleasure that I understand my cheese cake was in favour
I shall happily give you this  recipe and every month one more
To add a little bit of  interest I shall add humour  wit and pace
Hopefully even if you feel a little grumpy will put a smile upon your face
So here is how you make the cake –  Use a kitchen neat
Hands are washed and nails are brushed  (nothing slippery under feet)
When goo gets on your fingers do not finger lick
For any germs you may harbour could  make others sick
Have all ingredients  out of cupboards  in little tiny groups
Biscuits and butter together in this case  - pineapple on its own
All the other to be mixed together  in a group which we will call home
These are the things you will shop for low fat cooking cheese  1 lb
Butter a quarter of a normal pack in the kitchen  to be found
A pack of digestive biscuits for this dish use seven
Crush the digestive biscuits mix with melted butter it simply tastes like heaven
I tin of pineapple of any type or kind
All  that is put  in this cake is easy so to find
Cornflour you only need a tablespoon  but once its bought  it`s there
Sugar ¾ of a cup  put in mix with care
Vanilla always handy you only use a teaspoon it has a pungent taste
You will use it in many other recipes so it wont go to waste
A small carton of single cream if you want  the cake more rich
This is not necessary  so if you don’t  want ditch
One large egg without shell  will prevent grief
For it is rather unpleasant to find shell lodging in your teeth
I have an electric fan assisted oven which I then turn to 170 power
Normally cake is perfect in about just half an hour
Use discretion it might take five ten minutes more
If you carry out instructions  this cake you will adore.
Method 6” – 8” baking tin with push up base
Smother sides and base with butter now you have the case
Melt butter in a saucepan and crush up biscuits fine

Mix together form a paste and put in bottom of tin press  evenly and lightly pet
Get your pineapple and cut in little bits dab lightly so not wet
Place your dry pineapple on the biscuit base use lots and lots to cover
Mix all other ingredients together and pour over until  the base you smother
There you are it`s easy  walk to the oven  GO
Have a ciggy or some wine tea coffee whatever is your thing
Or you can do a mitzvah  give mum or mother-in-law a ring
Else put your feet up read a book  or watch something on the telly
For in a half an hour or thereabouts your cheesecake will be ready.
Ta Ta See you in a month. Roz. X.


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Local Angels Acknowledgements
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